Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lesson Planning Workshop

On September 23, 2008 Voices Rising teachers met for the first Lesson Planning Workshop at the McGlynn School in Medford.

Teachers began the process of thinking about ways to integrate the historical content they are exploring in the Voices Rising project into their classrooms. Teachers were asked to consider the content and primary sources that align with the curriculum and grades that they teach. The lessons participants develop will be woven into project-based units later in the project year.

The teachers explored the use of the Voices Rising wikispace to work collaboratively with the historians, project staff, the library liaison who will be assisting with primary source research, and other teacher participants. The role of the wikispace in the project was discussed and teachers had the opportunity to use the computers in the McGlynn Library to try the various features of the wikispace.

Participants then met with other teachers to talk about how they might design lessons that requires students to use primary sources to interpret historical events. Before the end of the workshop all teachers convened by grade and discussed the standards, essential questions, goals and objectives of their individual lessons and their combined unit.

While the lessons teachers create are early in their development, teachers began to think about the content that will encourage their students to study history as historians- utilizing historical thinking that will ask students to use primary sources of information for inquiry, evaluation and interpretation of actual events.

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