Friday, August 22, 2008

A Republic for Some: the Dehumanization of Native Americans in New England

On the last day of the Summer Institute Julia Mize, Park Ranger for the Boston National Historical Park of the National Park Service presented an interesting session on the social, economic and political encounters between American colonists and Native Americans in the New Republic and Antebellum Era.

Using a wide range of resources, including maps, images, lithographs, paintings and other primary sources, Julia Mize led the participants in an exploration of the relationship between the American colonists and the Native Americans as the colonies were settled, wars were fought and geographic expansion occurred. The impact of colonization and expansion on the Native Americans was discussed

Noreen O’Connell, a retired teacher working with the National Park Service, led the teachers in an activity that explored the Native Americans who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill. This activity was designed for use with students in the classroom.

The final event of the Summer Institute took place on the water- a Boston Harbor boat ride to visit a Native American site on Deer Island, the location where Native Americans were relocated by the colonists.

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