Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Researching Primary Source Materials

Voices Rising project participants attended a full day teacher orientation on November 6 at the Boston Public Library.Participants begin their orientation at the Boston Public Library.

The purpose of this orientation was for teachers to become familiar with the American History holdings of the Boston Public Library so they will be able to identify relevant primary sources to include in the lessons they are developing.

Prior to the visit to the library, the librarian liaison, Elizabeth Tousignant prepared lists of potential primary sources for teachers to investigate during their visit. These lists were gathered from the Summer Institute, the fall content seminars and from preliminary lesson ideas generated by the participating teachers.
Participants are introduced to the Social Sciences Department resources.
The day began with an introduction to the library catalogues and databases. A tour of the various departments: general reference, government documents, social sciences, prints, fine arts, music, rare books and microtext, introduced teachers to the vast resources available for American History primary sources. Each department presented examples of resources relevant to the topics being researched by participants.

Later in the day teachers had the opportunity to do independent research in the various departments to locate primary sources related to their lessons.

The orientation day concluded with an interesting tour of the Digitization Lab.
Participants visit the Fine Arts Department.
Boston Public Library Catalogs

BPL Floorplans

Social Sciences Department

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