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  1. map worksheet
  2. critical map reading skills
  3. Looking the map over
  4. Painting Observation
  5. The life and papers of Thomas Cole
  6. Our Journey Across the Plains
  7. map analysis worksheet
  8. painting analysis
  9. Written Document Analysis worksheet.
  10. Poster/Visual Analysis Worksheet
  11. Pacific Railway Act
  12. railway posters
  13. railway posters
  14. map of railways
  15. paintings
  16. pacific union poster
  17. across the continent
  18. thomas cole kaaterskill falls
  19. thomas cole poetry

Additonal worksheets:

Letter to Asher Durand fromThomas Cole

Thomas Cole

Demas Barnes
sketch of hardships endured by those who crossed

Crossing the Bitter Root

Crossing the Bitter Root text