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Imagine living in the United States in the 1860s.
The nation now owns land all the way to the West Coast. People are coming from the Easthotspringneardeerlodge to settle this land. They view it as an opportunity, as a wilderness that needs to be developed to become useful to them.

You have been hired by the government to entice people in Boston into moving westward.
It is your job to help them decide:

Bird's eye view of Medford, 1880 from Boston Public Library collection

It is your job to produce a bird's eye view mapof your own for an area and a corresponding landscape that could be used as a travel brochure.
Think about what else you must include in your travel brochure, painting and map to give a clear picture of the area. You may decide to do this as a powerpoint with reprinted maps or as maps and paintings as posters or as a brochure.

You will analyze primary sources and supporting websites as you proceed with your research about immigrants and their migration westward. Acting as an immigrant, you will research what made these people decide to move and what influenced their decision to settle in a certain area.

You will investigate what it was like to be an immigrant thinking of moving westward, analyze the various points of view and consider how the land was represented in paintings and maps and other sources. You will then consider whether or not you would have decided to move west with your family.


Hot Springs Mound near deer Lodge, Gustav Sohon

Bird's Eye View Map of Medford