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Refer to Document Analysis Worksheets on National Archives site:
Copies of bird eye view maps,cd-rom of bird's eye view maps
Copies of Thomas cole Poems,” Collected and verses of Thomas Cole”
Copies of Thomas Cole Paintings, “Kaaterskill Falls”
Copies of Frances Flora Palmer, “Across the Continent”
Copies of paintings, John Mix Stanley, “Mt. Rainier”
Copies of maps and drawings of Gustav Oshon,

primary source worksheets
national archives, primary source worksheets
thomas cole papers
Thomas cole letter to artist Asher B. Durand
National Gallery of Art-Thomas Cole
Demas Barnes, journal
pioneer of 1846
PBS the west, Pacific Railway Act, 1862
Union Pacific Maps
poster Railway Union Pacific
maps, Boston Public Library
Bird's eye view maps, Boston, BPL
John Mix Stanley, Pacific Railway Survey
"Puget Sound & Mt. Rainier From Whitby's Island."
"Mount Rainier Viewed From Near Steilaccom."

"Across the continent,westward the course of the empire"

"Crossing the Bitterroot"

Hot Springs Mound in the deer lodge