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Lesson Process
DAY 1 -  Review primary and secondary sources, types of primary and secondary sources as well as analysis of primary sources.

  1.  In groups of 4, You will examine at three different primary source documents ( Journals  Ws 6, Paintings Ws . and Bird's eye View Maps   ). Summarize your findings. Use the written document analysis sheet
  2. ( WS9).Check with other groups. Did other students in the class examine the same documents? Do they have the same observations that you and your group do? What is different? What is the same? What do you think about the sources of the documents? Are they believable? Why or why not? Present your findings to the class.

Use the written document analysis sheet. ( WS  9), Painting Analysis Ws , and Bird's eye View Ws.
 Determine if these are primary sources?

  1. How can you tell? What does this reading,painting,map ,tell you about the migration westward.
  2. How did the person writing the journal decide where to settle?
  3. Can you infer this or does it state it?
  4. Working as a group, compare and contrast the journals,paintings, maps.Can you tell who the audience was?