In conclusion, you should be able to discuss and answer the essential question  “How did Immigration affect the American conceptions of ‘We the people’ ?” After completing the activities and the worksheets, you should be able to see the importance of the artists and cartographers of the time and how their works influenced migration westward.

You will be able to  assess the usefulness of bird’s eye view maps in relation to travel brochures and migration. You will be familiar with the works of American landscape artists and  will be able to pick out geographical locations from looking at landscapes. You will be able to assess the type of location and whether or not the painting or bird’s eye view maps are primary sources or not.

Finally, you  will want to think about the importance of bird’s eye view maps  for migration/immigration  and whether or not they would be a viable source of information today or not.







Great Falls at the Missosuri River, Gustav Sohon

You may want to try and find some post 1920’s bird’s eye view maps  of your town or state and decide if they are primary sources or not. You should begin to question the use of google maps as a source of bird’s eye view maps. What is seen, what is not seen.