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Grade Level(s): High School

Age Levels(s): 15-18

Subject Area: U.S. History I and Introduction to Law
Created for Alternate High School classroom

Goals: The unit goal should focus on the essential question.

Curriculum Standards: U.S. History - 1.28b Causes and impact of the wave of immigration in Northern Europe to America from 1840-1860

Materials/Resources: Provide a listing of primary sources, instructional materials, references, and technologies needed to support the lesson and/or unit. These may include web sites, experts, equipment, and software. Any additional equipment or supplies that are not normally found in the classroom should be listed. Enough information needs to be provided on each item to enable the reader to locate, acquire, or create the materials.

Timeframe: A statement describing the number of sessions (periods, hours, days, etc.) needed for the various phases of instructional activities.

Student Foundational Skills: Provide a list of the skills and knowledge that students are expected to have as they begin the instructional activities. This includes content knowledge and technology competencies.

Learning Activities and Organizational Notes: A sequential list of classroom/lab activities that provide an overview of the strategies involved in teaching the unit.

Assessments: Include recommended assessments with detailed descriptions. Strategies should promote authentic assessment techniques when possible.

Teacher Notes: Any special areas of preparation, issues of potential concern, or user feedback may be provided here.