US History I:
Beginning in the mid 1840's, the Irish potato famine caused hundreds of thousands of desperate Irish people to immigrate to the United States. These immigrants settled in many east coast communities including Chelsea, Massachusetts. How did many "native" Americans, those who already resided in these communities, react to the influx of immigrants?

Chelsea Record - March 1, 1843 In this lesson, you will learn about the Temperance movement and how it was a subtle way of speaking out and reacting to immigration. Two Chelsea newspapers from the 1840's, the Chelsea Record and the Winnisimmit Pioneer, were focused on Temperance. Using articles from these papers as will as other primary sources, you will learn about the Temperance movement and its position on immigration and ultimately learn what the political and social climate was for Irish immigrants settling in Chelsea in the 1840s and 1850s.

Introduction to Law:
You will also analyze the actual 1852 Massachusetts Anti-Liquor Law, determine both its intended and unintended consequences, and discuss what movements exist today in response to the perception of over-immigration.