1. Propaganda Techniques:
  2. Propaganda Critic:
  3. S.I.G.H.T. by Edward O’Donnell 2009,
  4. S.I.G.H.T. Anaylsis Worksheet

Primary Sources

  1. Massachusetts Acts and Resolves 1855: Chapter 410, p. 810
  2. Massachusetts Acts and Resolves 1855: Chapter 43, p. 857
  3. Constitution of the State Council of the American Party of Massachusetts. August 7, 1855.
  4. Political Cartoons: Anti-Irish. Boston Public Library Archives.
  5. Additional Anti-Catholic images: UC Davis - History Project
  6. Image of Govenor Henry J. Gardner
    painted by Jean Paul Selinger (1890) from - the official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  7. Image of Massachusetts State House - 1827, Boston, MA.
    Drawing by Alexander Jackson Davis (1827)

Secondary Sources

  1. Purdy, V. C. (1989). Portrait of a Know-Nothing legislature: the Massachusetts General Court of 1855. New York: Garden Publishers.
    Book is available at the Boston Public Library.
    Call number: "JK3166.P87 1989" Volume: C1.
    For in library use only.