Guiding Questions:

Who led the Lawrence, MA "Bread and Roses Strike of 1912"? Would the strike have been successful without the involvement of women or the unions?


You are newspaper reporter. You have been investigating the Lawrence Strike of 1912. You have been listening to the Congressional testimony and you want to know answers your questions: Why did the workers strike? What role did unions play in this strike? What role did women play in the strike?

In order to understand the Lawrence Strike, we need to know something about the conditions about which the strikers were protesting, the role of unions in American labor and in this strike in particular, and the role women workers played in this strike. After you have examined the evidence, you will write an editorial about this strike. What conclusion and opinions should your readers know about the Lawrence Strike of 1912, the "Bread and Roses" Strike? How could such a thing happen in the United States of America? Who led this strike and what role did they play?