Guiding Questions:

What did immigrants seek to gain by immigrating to the United States?

What did the U.S. gain by allowing immigration and naturalization/citizenship?

How would this apply to my family?


We have been studying how to become a United States citizen, how to become one today and how that has changed over time. We have discussed the different ethnic groups that immigrated to the U.S. In reality there are very few among us who are Native Americans; the majority of us immigrated from another country. As a class we have discovered that immigrants came to this country seeking many things, not just citizenship. We were surprised to find that some were denied citizenship.

Our next lessons will focus on why our ancestors came to the United States and what they brought with them. To do this we will collect information about a local family, The Keverians. By learning about a local family we will learn what documents to collect, where to find them, and how to read them.

As we learn about The Keverians, as a class, you will also be investigating your own ancestors. You will need to understand and explain why they chose to come to the U.S.; what "pushed" them out of their country or what "pulled" them to the U.S.

Did your ancestors become a citizen (naturalized)?

Is there any evidence as to why they wanted to become citizens?

What did your ancestors do that contributed to the betterment of the United States?

Header Images: Map of Everett and Vicinity, 1906, courtesy of Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library; Trunk, retrieved from Wikimedia Commons under the GNU Free Documentation License